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Well, a true challenge, "About Us".  I'm sure that over time we may fill in more details, but most information is contained in other parts of the site.  We "migrated" to Washington State at the end of 1991 from the Los Angeles area and have not regretted it yet, although I do miss the Southern California weather and the fishing.

As you can see from the Dogs page, our dog Scooter is an important part of the family, and agility is her big hobby.

Along with the photography work that I do, my "real" job is in computer software.  Bowling and fishing are a couple of other interests.  I am a founding member of Team Internet, a group of bowlers who started a decade ago with 5 folks going to the ABC Nationals tournament in Reno, last year we had over 60, including a bunch from England.  I'll post more on the "interests" page about this bunch.

Well, enough "About Us" for this evening, enjoy the site, let us know what you think.  It will change over time, so feel free to come back often.

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